Face Litigation!

i was having a discussion with my nineteen year old daughter a few months ago, as she was contemplating getting a tattoo. We discussed placement and such, as it may be best to have them hidden for certain work environments. As we talked it was clear that she really didn’t care if her tats showed. Therefore i recommended she put a tattoo on her face. She was surprised at my suggestion. i reasoned, if you want people to see it, then what better location than on your cheek or forehead. She was appalled, affirming that she would never get a tattoo on her face. ”Why?” i queried. She continued to explain why she thought it would be inappropriate. i then asked why the other placements she had in mind would be appropriate? Silence.

In case you had not heard, in the movie sequel Hangover 2, one of the characters gets an exact replica of Mike Tyson’s face tat. Incidentally, Tyson made a cameo appearance in both the new film and its predecessor. The original artist who designed the tattoo is suing the filmmakers for copyright infringement.

Mike Tyson

i believe in freedom of expression as long as it doesn’t hurt yourself or others. i certainly believe in copyright. But i’m not exactly sure that the current controversy concerning a copyright infringement of Mike Tyson’s face tattoo is really worth the trouble. i’ve come to the conclusion, that whatever the outcome, the artist is getting plenty of PR and probably already has gained fair amount of business based on his original work on Tyson. But who really needs a face tat?!

Despite new tattoo trends such as using fluorescent ink, coloring the whites of the eye, inking the tongue, palate, and teeth, I’ve seen some incredibly magnificent body art and then there’s … well, not so magnificent. People get tattoos for a multitude of reasons, but usually of some personal significance: spiritual; military; sports; in memorial or to honor someone living or dead. Increasingly, people are getting them “just for fun” or, after indulging a few too many adult beverages, get “mistake” tats. Let’s hope the following fall into the latter category.

“Can I get ‘Freedom Fries’ with that?”

Every zombie knows brainz is tasty!

Even better when the hair grows out.

Gramps is always keeping the kids on their toes.

Definitely a mistake! This teenager made headlines when she tried to sue the artist, saying she fell asleep and woke to 56 stars on her face. When the artist counter-sued she confessed that she asked for them, but lied to her father about it in the midst of his rage.

Eye chart on the back, periodic table on the front.

New meaning to “giving the finger.”

No argument here!

Now that’s “ripped.”

Just don’t let him near the sandbox.

What are your own captions, comments, concerns, or commends?

~End ink~

2 responses to “Face Litigation!

  1. Tattoos are cheaper than a Corvette, but neither one gives us meaning. Mike Tyson kind of reminds me of Charlie Sheen. Whether on top of their game or at the bottom, they’re adrift with no compass. It’s ironic since Mike Tyson can go anywhere an be recognized.

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