Nearing the Finish Line

With the Indy 500 safely garaged for another year, the final 50 laps of the CCM 500 quickly approach. It’s really not a race… however, i’m curious for whom the checkered flag will wave. The CCM 500 is actually a blog i recently discovered. Having been involved in the Christian music industry over the years and as a lover of music in general, i have a vast collection of music (albums numbering in the thousands, all types [yet, nary a country one among them]). When i perused the CCM 500 i was amazed to find a truckload of music that, though obscure too many, packed my own music crypt, indelibly formatting much of my musical tastes and faith experience.

The caretaker of the CCM 550 and its counterpart Greatest Christian Albums is David Lowman. A So Cal native, David has a long career in the music industry that commenced in the ‘70s spanning roles in retail, PR, radio, journalism and as record company representative. Mr. Lowman is passionate about music, each entry is written knowledgeably and with important insights into the artist and content. i hope you enjoy the CCM 500, especially as it approaches the final 50 countdown.

~End promo~

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