Oh, NO! Aren’t there already enough blogs on the interweb?!

Each of us, since the age of three, when the world was fresh and uncluttered, we seem to continually ask, “Why?” This query still lingers on our lips. Sometimes the response is a plain and deficient, “Why not?!” No matter where your beliefs rest, life is messy and doesn’t always make sense. Often there’s not a mop and pale large enough to clear up the spills. Making sense of it all is not the point here. Rather, how do we respond?

Though often frustrated with Western/modern “Christianity” and The Church, i absolutely was made for loving God. Therefore, reflections here concern living life with an upward purpose:  To live, love, laugh, linger, lapse, and even lose with an eternal mindset. Welcome to rants, musings, insights and outsights on life, God, music, and culture. Because things really are looking UP!


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