Which came first, The Chicken or the ‘O’?

i find life interesting and full of the unexpected. Life certainly does not unravel itself in the manner we often imagine. i try to make lifeVertical relevant and fun. It’s just been five weeks since i put my fingerprint on this blog. In that time i’ve had nearly 1,200 visitors. i’m told that’s a lot for a newcomer.

What has most intrigued me in the past few weeks are the posts which have drawn the most attention, drawing almost twice as many readers as an average day. my comments on the impending ‘O’pocalypse, about the last days of the iconic Oprah Winfrey’s final days of her talk show and the absurd regulations imposed on chicken copulation in a small town in New Jersey drew the more attention than anything else.

my analytical mind has curiously pondered the attraction to these topics, especially in light of the conservative nature of my readers. What do you think? Why have these two items been of particular focus? What does this say about our culture? C’mon, don’t be shy. We’re all friends here. Let us know. Write your comments below.

~End analysis~


New Sex Rules

1. You must be disease free. No STDs.

2. Males are only allowed ten days a year to “perform.”

3. Males are not allowed to be noisy or risk a two year ban.

4. No more than six females in the area at a given time.

5. Only young studs allowed.

These are actual ordinances recently imposed by Hopewell Township, New Jersey. Fortunately they only apply to chickens. Yes, the town has adopted these policies regulating the inner city mating activity of hens and roosters: Only six hens allowed per half acre parcel; Roosters are only allowed in city limits for a ten day period to allow for procreation (better get a ring on that wing first); Mature roosters are forbidden, as they tend to “Crow” a lot (quiet dear, the chicks will hear you); Roosters that are too noisy face up to a two year ban from the “copulation coop.”

So many puns, so little time.
Really, it wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t true.

Who said chickens weren't sexy?

~End abstention~

i’m trying something new. i’m going to put up funny or the absurd or whatever on “Fun Friday” in order to lighten things up heading into your weekend. What do you think? …yeah, about the chickens, too.