Jesus… Now Bigger than The Beatles.

Concerning The Beatles, John Lennon once exclaimed in an interview, “We’re more popular than Jesus now.” Arguably, he was right. Now before you pelt me with baseball-size rocks and pointed projectiles, let me qualify that in a cultural sense he was absolutely right. The Beatles were more influential upon adolescents, art, and music culture than anything in their time. They were a phenom beyond others. However, there really is no comparison, Jesus will forever obscure The Beatles in every significant manner, culturally and historically. Matter of fact, Jesus is actually bigger than Jesus. I have proof.

It seems that builders in Swiebodzin, Poland are erecting a Jesus statue. A Catholic Priest conceived the idea some years ago of a Jiant Giant Jesus. The project is expected to be finished shortly. When complete the plaster and fiberglass statue will stand 33 meters tall (108 feet for us Westerners) and placed on a 19 meter high mound. That will make the total height of the statue 52 meters (57 yards).

i gotta get me one of those!

i’d like to see John, Paul, George, and Ringo just try and get their own 100+ foot tall mega-monuments.

~End monolith~

What do you think about this? Is there good cause for a monumental messiah? (For some reason i can’t get They Might Be Giants’ “The Statue Got Me High” outta my head.)

This is going to be the official start of Weird Wednesday. Every Wednesday i’ll post a… well, you get the idea.