Tony 2011.06 couch smmy experiences are varied: For nearly twenty years i had been a Pastor. i have also had significant stints as Counselor and Teacher. i have also been a freelance journalist, ghost writer (don’t ask, that’s why i’m a ghost), business owner, and varied other stuff. More significant, i am defined by my roles as son, brother, husband, father, neighbor, friend, lover, employer, employee, and mentor.

i’m not sure when the writing bug hit me. However, i’ve always had a love of words, their meaning and their sound (i’d rather use “pimple” than “blemish”), etymology (you’re wrong… not bugs), etc. Though i had written articles for local and regional publications, my writing passions were vibrantly aroused when i combined writing with my zeal for music. Before long i found myself as a review editor for a national publication.

Reviewing music, i began to find new means of descriptive dialogue to communicate what flooded my ears from recordings. Hopefully this helped me evolve as a writer. Over the years friends have encouraged me to author a book or have some type of outlet to share my thoughts on culture and faith. After a couple years of procrastination… here i am. (i also have a penchant for parenthetical comments).


~End bio~


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  1. Hi Tony, Dipping my toe in your waters 🙂 (I also have a penchant for parenthetical comments). I have added my self to your subscriber list in the hopes of inspiration.

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